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When you own a farm, you're not just in it for the revenue you can make by selling your crops, or food you cooked to shop owners. You are also harvesting food for yourself that can be used to restore health and mana. In order to tend to your farm, you basically need to buy animals, and farming plots to grow your crops. You can purchase them right there on your farm, so there is no need to run around town trying to find a shop merchant for a cow. Once you own these things you can harvest eggs from your chickens, milk from cows, apples from your trees, and vegetables from your crops. All of these things can be used to cook at camp fires or stoves. As of right now, there is only one farm you can own in the game, this is because it takes a month to just to make one farm do to the complexity of the farming system. If the project raises enough money, I might add more farms, but for now we will stick with the one.